Operation Red Rocket

The Art of Dining presents Operation Red Rocket. A retro futuristic dining experience.

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The year is 1965. The race to the moon has been won and now the members of the international space community are recruiting astronauts to form the first colony on Mars. The USA, Russia, India and China have each chosen a brave adventurer for this incredible quest, but the little known British National Space Laboratory have yet to make their choice. This, courageous diners, is where you come in.

Rose Lipman Building,
43 De Beauvoir Road,
London, N1 5SQ

£55 includes five courses, welcome drink and entertainment

26th – 29th April
3rd – 6th May
10th – 13th May
7.30pm – 11.00pm

The Art of Dining invite you to step back into the past for a glimpse of an imagined tomorrow. Check into the Operation Red Rocket research lab and meet your host, the world renowned space engineer Professor June Cavendish, who will guide you through an evening of rigorous scientific testing and an epic international five-course menu that is out of this world.


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