Fire & Feast

The Art of Dining and The London Dungeon present a unique pop up dining experience

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The Art of Dining and The London Dungeon are delighted to present Fire & Feast. Diners will journey through The Great Fire of London presented as a five course pop-up dining experience, combining food, theatre, music and design in the atmospheric setting of the London Dungeon.

London. 1666. The capital is a disaster waiting to happen; timber houses packed cheek-by-jowl, just waiting for a spark to set the whole city ablaze. At the Dungeon Tavern, a feast is being held in honour of Sir Thomas Bludworth, the Lord Mayor of London. The evening is beset by rumours and worry about a fire that started the previous night and is said to be spreading to all areas of the city. Bludworth’s staff, at his behest, are trying to keep a lid on the creeping panic, but as the evening unfolds it becomes clear that this could be the guests’ last meal and they may not make it out alive…

The London Dungeon, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, City of London, SE1 7PB

£55 includes a five course meal with a welcome drink and entertainment

14th – 15th June 2016
18th June 2016
21st – 23rd June 2016
25th June 2016

Guests will get an exclusive taste of the London Dungeon’s new ‘Escape The Great Fire’ show as well as sampling some special gallows humour courtesy of the London Dungeon’s Jester and the Plague Surgery, which is dealing with a nasty case of the Great Plague.

They will then make their way to the Dungeon Tavern where they will be greeted by a welcome cocktail and seated for the feast. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience The Great Fire of London from the inside whilst enjoying The Art of Dining’s signature combination of delicious food and immersive ambience. The menu includes five delicious courses all themed around ‘fire’ elements such as ‘Smoke’ and ‘Ash’. Guests can start the meal with one of the signature cocktails such as Farriner’s Flame, before tucking in to dishes such as Sichuan style beef ribs in fire sauce and burnt butter cake served with burnt white chocolate and stewed gooseberries.


Whipped anchovy butter served with warm bread and a spring green salad


Smoked salmon, Russian salad, pickled beetroot and dill


Sichuan style beef ribs in fire sauce with braised greens and garlic rice


Burnt butter cake, burnt white chocolate and stewed gooseberries


Ash goats cheese, rosemary oatcakes and pickled green plums

It is a set menu. The only dietary requirements we can cater for are vegetarian and gluten free. Please let us know on the night. No need to email in advance, Thanks.
Please note a 7pm start on weekday bookings and an 8pm start on Saturday bookings.


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